The "Corpo Senza Organi" exhibition's vernissage is a big success

Yesterday’s vernissage of Marco Frigerio’s Corpo Senza Organi (Body without Organs) and Alessandro Perini’s Fossili Sonori (Sound Fossils) exhibition reopened Como Contemporary Festival – International Contemporary Music and other Arts Festival, was a big success.

Many people attended and could ask questions and talk directly with the artists and listen to their conference. Watching the artists discuss, stimulating each other and asking questions one another, in a continuous intertwining of thoughts and arts that captured the audience was really interesting.

The exhibition will be open until December 12, at the Silk Museum (Museo della Seta) in Como. On Dec. 12 the finissage will take place with a contemporary music concert performed by Appassionato Ensemble, which will cover the finalist scores of the 5th International Composition Competition organized by the Association (Associazione Culturale Polifonie).

For all information and to reserve a seat, please go to the following link (click here)

Click on the photos to see the gallery.