Composition workshop

Associazione Culturale Polifonie offers a Composition workshop entirely dedicated to pieces for cello solo, held by the cellist and composer Umberto Pedraglio. The workshop is intended to explore new writing techniques for the cello, and to compare them to the more established contemporary repertoire.

Umberto Pedraglio will not only be the moderator, but will also perform the scores composed during the workshop. Some of the pieces, chosen by the Artistic Direction, might be performed and recorded during a concert, or even be part of future concerts of Appassionato Ensemble, durante Como Contemporary Festival o in altre stagioni di musica contemporanea.

The instruments that can be featured are:

  • Modern cello
  • German period cello - Paul Herrnsdorf, Markneukirchen 1850
  • French period cello – Pierre Auguste Mauchand, Mirecourt late 1700

The workshop, addressed to composers and students of all ages and nationalities, is free for all Members (to become a Member download the Application Form downloadAll the participants (even if they are not Members) have first of all to send an email to, info@polifonie.itincluding one or more scores they composed, in PDF format, for any group of instruments . The deadline is November 30th 2019.The selected participants will receive a confirmation email providing them with more information about the Workshop’s organization.

The sessions will take place on Saturday in the seat of the Association, 19, Vial Valleggio, 22012 Como – Italy from 10am to 8 pm on the following dates:


1st session – January 2020: first the participants will present one or more scores they consider peculiar. They can also bring works by other composers they wish to analyse and explore further. The scores will be looked at and listened to, concluding with a discussion on how to proceed with the research and work.
The session will conclude by experimenting and trying out various techniques with the performer.

2nd session – February 2020: everyone will present their drafts to the group and an initial reading of the pieces will be conducted, which will be discussed and experimented with even further.

3rd session – March 2020: the finished works will be presented, performed and discussed; some of the scores might be played and recorded during the final concert.

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Application deadline: November 30th 2019

For more info please write to the following e-mail address: