International Composition Competition

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The Cultural Association Polifonie announces 4th International Composition Competition “Appassionato Ensemble”  for the year 2020.


The competition is open to Italian and foreign composers of any nationality with no restriction on age.
Each composer can participate with more than one piece.


The scores must be composed for the following organic, in any combination from 1 to max 5 performers:

  • 1 Flute (Flute, Alto G Flute, Bass Flute, Piccolo)
  • 1 Clarinet (Bb Clarinet, A Clarinet, Eb Clarinet, Bb Bass Clarinet)
  • 1 Violin
  • 1 Viola
  • 1 Cello
  • 1 Piano

The composition must have a maximum duration of 15’.
The composition must not have been published or been awarded prizes in other contests before, but it may already be performed in public.


The application fee is € 35,00 for the first score and € 20,00 for any following ones by the same author.

The payment must be made by bank transfer to the:
Associazione Culturale Polifonie
Banca Prossima – filiale di Milano, p.zza Paolo Ferrari 10 – 20121 (MI)
IBAN: IT68J0335901600100000069721 – BIC: BCITITMX
and specifying the reason for the transfer as:
Application for the International Composing Competition.

or with PayPal (

The application fee will not be refundable, except in the case of cancellation of the Contest.
Applicants may contact the Contest secretary’s office for any further information by writing to:


To enroll in the contest, each participant must send an email to  containing the following documents to the Contest Organizers:

  • the application form download
  • A PDF copy of the score, perfectly readable and completely anonymous;
  • the first page of the score must bear the title of the work and the approximate length of the composition;
  • short explanatory notes related to the submitted work in Italian or English (max 1000 characters, including spaces).
  • photocopy of an identity document or passport;
  • a short curriculum vitae (in Italian or English);
  • receipt of payment of application fee (not refundable) of € 35,00

The mail, in order not to be excluded, must be delivered to the Contest secretary’s office no later than 15 April 2020.


An International Jury will meet to select the 5 (five) finalist scores, that will be performed on 7th June 2020 by Appassionato Ensemble in public concert in Como, during the final concert of Como Contemporary Festival 2020 – International Festival of Contemporary Music and other Arts.

The Jury will be composed by:

  • Alessandro Solbiati (Italy), President
  • Jean-Pierre Leguay (France)
  • Mehdi Khayami (Iran)
  • Umberto Pedraglio (Italy), Artistic Director

The commission judgment is final and cannot be contested.
The finalist composers will be invited by the organization to send the individual parts of each instrument.
At the end of the concert the Jury will meet to select the winner.
The prize-giving ceremony will be held at the end of the concert.


The winning work will receive a cash prize of 750,00 euros and will be published by EDIZIONI SCONFINARTE.

In the event the composer has an exclusive agreement with other publishers, he/she must give his/her acquittance to the publication when participating in the contest unlimited copies.
The Jury has the right not to assign the prize in the event no composition in the final phase is judged worthy.
Any tv or radio recordings are authorized by the author without any further charge on the organization.
The personal details of the contestants will be used only for matters concerning the competition.


All the documents and materials sent will be kept in the archives of the Associazione Culturale Polifonie and nothing will be returned, as the Association will become the owner.
The Association will have the ownership of the materials, it being understood that the author will keep the copyright.
The scores sent for the contest will become an integral part of the Music Archive of Association Organizer.


The contestants accept the present regulations in all parts, unconditionally and integrally.


In case of controversy, the Contest Announcement in Italian is to be considered the official text.

In collaboration with

Downloadable files:
Announcement in PDF download
Application form download