About us

Formed by a group of professional musicians, Associazione Culturale Polifonie takes its origins from the previously existing Accademia Poliphoniae. It was renewed in 2016 with the founding of Appassionato Ensemble, dedicated to leveraging New Music (premières) and to disseminate the knowledge of XX century and contemporary classical music. Associazione Polifonie offers its members many completely free cultural activities, such as Orchestra Giovanile Comasca, Orchestra d’Archi, the Children Choir, Instrumental Workshops, Composition Workshops, Seminars, Great Concerts… and it offers amateur Workshops, Instrumental lessons and Specialization courses within its Music School. Moreover, it organizes every year an International Contemporary Music Festival - Como Contemporary Festival, masterclasses and the International Composition Competition Appassioanto Ensemble, accompanied by contemporary classicalmusic concerts, seminaries and guides to listening.

Associazione Culturale Polifonie is a non-profit association with the following goals:

  • To spread the choral and musical culture among a wider audience;
  • To broaden the musical, literary and artistic culture through contacts among people, institutions and associations;
  • To foster love for music and art as a primary good and a social value for people and society by training teachers, pedagogues and social workers to share this love.
  • To present itself as a meeting point for cultural interests. To participate in social, civil and human growth thanks to the ideal of a lifelong education.

To reach its goals, Associazione Culturale Polifonie promotes:

  • cultural activities: conventions, conferences, debates, seminaries, screening of films and documentaries, concerts, public lessons;
  • didactic activities: choir and instrumental classes, for children, teens and adults;
  • training activities: refresher courses for educators, teachers, social workers; specialization courses, study and research groups, music competitions;
  • publishing activities: publishing of a bulletin, of congress and seminars proceedings, of studies and researches;
  • other activities: promoting chamber music and symphonic projects, promoting and organising music therapy sessions.

To better pursue its goals the Associazione Culturale Polifonie can collaborate with other public or private institutions and organizations, and it can and affiliate to other institutions and organizations as long as they are non-profit.

[Extracted from the Statute]