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Associazione Culturale Polifonie’s projects wish to spread the knowledge of classical music, especially contemporary classical music and New Music. The final goal is to keep the interest alive for this type of music and to broaden the culture of young and not so young audiences of the Insubria region.

To the above mentioned goals, we add those pursued through the Como Contemporary Festival, an interweaving and a cross contamination among different arts: contemporary classical music, visual arts, fiber art, sound art and poetry.

The advantages for donors can be divided in three groups:

  • Helping spread musical and artistic culture
  • Helping discover and publish new talents of New Music
  • Tax benefits: if you are an Italian resident, you can benefit from income tax reductions as listed below. If you reside abroad, please check with your tax authorities the deductible types of donations and related amounts.
    • Donations to social promotion associations allow for tax detractions or, alternatively, from deductions from your income. To be able to benefit from these allowances, please preserve the bank transfer receipt or bank monthly account statement or the credit card monthly statement in case of donations via credit cards.
    • If you are a company, you can benefit from a deduction from the total income of the company: you can deduct donations in favour of legal entities pursuing finalities of education, teaching, recreation, social and health assistance, cult.
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